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Sarah Klinger Manor
Director of Community Outreach

How would your family and best friends describe you? Do you agree?
They would probably say that I am loyal, obsessively punctual, enthusiastic about all matters and a trustworthy companion… I would agree with them!

What do you do best?
Cherish the small moments with my children, bake delicious birthday cakes and laugh at everything!

What do you “work on” everyday?
Nurturing and maintaining a close bond between my children and our family that live in England and Israel.


What has surprised you most about being a mommy?
How much I sound like my Mum!

What do you think is/are the biggest challenge(s) about raising kids?
There are many challenges, mostly I see that I’m raising future adults, they will be children for such a small part of their lives, it’s trying to raise stand up citizens of the world, who are grounded, caring and strong.
As parents of this generation I think we have it tough, some of the innocence is gone, information is so much more accessible which can be good and bad! Trying to monitor the online world of social media is unchartered territory, its like learning a new language that they pick up really quickly and I need to make every effort to keep up so that I don’t get left behind.

Describe your current work-life balance.
I am really fortunate that my children attend the elementary and middle school that are housed in the same building as the preschool where I work, therefore I am able to have a beautiful balance between my work and my day to day mum life. In terms of my life outside of motherhood, I make sure to take time for me, even if its relaxing on my balcony reading a book for 20 minutes in the evening. I also make sure to fit in socializing with friends and exercise before work in the mornings.

Super Moms are not immune to hectic and challenging days. What are some things you do/say/think about to get you through those tough days?
I try not to take myself too seriously, I am incredibly optimistic, I tend to see things as a passing phase, saying things like ‘this too shall pass’ and it really does!

When that doesn’t work for me, I resort to eating English chocolate (Cadbury), drink a cup of PG tips tea and taking an after school nap.


What prompted you to join Erica in helping to create OMG?
Erica’s vision was so in line with my own; after many discussions about reaching out for information on many topics with Erica, this just made sense. Having been foreign in LA as a new mum almost 13 years ago, I remember the need for a network, I found it tough to find like-minded women, the need has become even greater as my children head into their teenage years. Erica has an infectious way about her, one that rally’s the troops and makes you want to be a part of something great.

What are your top 3 wishes for OMG members?
In no particular order…
For members to find their ‘group’, to feel like they belong.
The opportunity to do community outreach.
For members to look forward to our gatherings and create solid networking opportunities.

What is your vision for OMG? What will the organization look like in 5 years?
I see a strong network of professional women that will inspire and support each other in a networking environment where they will build a relationship not only with each other but by giving back to the wider community in such places like Alexandria house.


Do you have any advice for the amazing moms who are members of OMG?
To continue to be the role models that you are for your children of any age. You are proving that though at times its really tough, it is possible to balance being a mum while having a career.


Outstanding Mothers' Gathering

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