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Jen Cleare
Executive Vice-President

How would your family and best friends describe you? Do you agree?
Those closest to me would probably say that I’m loving, friendly, loves to laugh (and has really big and loud laugh), compassionate and empathetic, reliable with an even-keeled temperament, strong-willed, sometimes bossy, and determined.

I agree!

What do you do best?
Fall asleep! Much to my husband’s chagrin, I am blessed with the ability to fall asleep right away. No insomnia for me!

What do you “work on” everyday?
My weight. Some days are better than others!


What has surprised you most about being a mommy?
I didn’t realize how much I would love my boys and how quickly time would pass. My love for my boys is like no other. They are my air and having them in my life allows me to breathe deeply and live fully. And time… It moves too fast. They are growing up too quickly. I feel like my boys have grown to be 8 and 4 in the blink of an eye! My oldest, Malcolm, will be 9 years old in June – that’s half way to 18 and high school graduation. Honestly, I didn’t realize that time would move so quickly!

What do you think is/are the biggest challenge(s) about raising kids?
At this stage of the game, my challenge is keeping my boys grounded and grateful. I grew up in Guam (a very small island in the Pacific) and my husband grew up in a small town in Illinois. We had an upbringing where people/things were not taken for granted. Los Angeles is a big city that moves at a fast pace. A place where many kids have the opportunity to do things, meet people and have experiences that some kids in other parts of the country don’t have. My kids have a rich and full life filled with LOTS of things, interesting people and amazing experiences. I’m just trying to make sure they don’t take anything for granted and remain grateful for all the blessings.

Describe your current work-life balance.
I work full time and have a very busy and abundant life outside of my job. I am still trying to find that “perfect” balance for my family and me. It can be challenging to fit in work and all the many things that occupy my personal life – the kids’ school homework, activities and sports; board meetings; quality family time; time with my husband; and time with friends – into a 24-hour, 7-day week! To be honest, balance in my life (no matter how imperfect it is at the moment) would not exist without the help of my husband. And for that, I am grateful.

Super Moms are not immune to hectic and challenging days. What are some things you do/say/think about to get you through those tough days?
Breathe. Pray. Focus on a positive outcome. Breathe again. I repeat the sequence as many times as necessary.


What prompted you to join Erica in helping create OMG?
Erica is an amazing friend and I believe in her vision. I know that her intentions behind creating OMG are authentic and good. I couldn’t pass up such a fantastic opportunity! Similar to Erica, I am raising a family in a city without the benefit of having extended family close by. When you are working mom you create a community of close friends and neighbors who become a part of your family. When Erica initially told me about the concept I thought that it was brilliant and would absolutely fill a need.

What are your top 3 wishes for OMG members?
1.) To be able to easily connect with fellow members in a professional space that is filled with support and void of judgment.

2.) To be empowered through our monthly events and the annual conference to take that next step toward achieving your dream (professional or personal).

3.) To meet new people from different industries and neighborhoods and in doing so, expand your community of women that you call “friends”.

What is your vision for OMG? What will the community look like in 5 years?
I envision OMG becoming a national and international organization that is a powerful force supporting outstanding mothers with resources, education, ideas, mentoring, and friendship. In the next 5 years I believe there will be OMG chapters in many cities across the country – big and small. There will be 2 annual conferences – one on each coast. OMG will be very successful with the monthly and annual events but will also thrive as an online community. The online community will be able to link our members to a global network of contacts and resources.


Do you have any advice for the amazing moms who are members of OMG?
I was at a women’s conference in 2012 and one of the speakers made the statement below which provides me with daily inspiration.

Continuously surrender and courageously take inspired action. Ensure that every action you allow is inspired with the right intention. And understand that when the certainty of who you are far exceeds the need for others to find out who you are, others will follow you!


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