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Erica Moore-Burton, Esq. President

How would your family and best friends describe you?
Effervescent, motivated, loyal, stubborn, confident, driven, fun loving, bossy, friendly, open, self-development junkie, chatty! Do you agree? Yes and No. On the ‘bossy’, I love the phrase, ‘I’m not bossy, I just know what you should be doing! 

What do you do best? 
Let’s see, I am a good connector. I love to help people and connect them with people that can help them. I suppose that’s why recruiting has worked for me for so long.

What do you “work on” everyday? 
I am a bit of self-development junkie, so every day I do work on something to better myself. Whether it’s reading a short motivational excerpt, or listening to a CD in the car.


What has surprised you most about being a mommy? 
That my heart could be so full, and the love that I feel for my kids so deep. I love being a mum to my two kids, I am truly thankful every day that I have been given this gift. On the flip side, that time takes on a whole different meaning. There doesn’t seem to be too much of it anymore. I often wonder what I did with all the spare time I had pre-kids.

What do you think is/are the biggest challenge(s) about raising kids? 
Just trying to balance everything so that there is enough time for them, so that they are well adjusted children and will be good citizens of the world. Working, raising the children, being a great wife, a good daughter, sister and friend is challenging and I am working on being okay with not doing everything to my pre-kids perfection. You just have to let go of some stuff and be okay with it, I’m still working on it.

Describe your current work-life balance. 
I really feel that I have balance now and I love it, I have a schedule that allows me to work from the office and from home. I ensure that I only work a certain amount of hours so that I can have quality time with my kids and husband. I think that as a mother you almost have to re-invent yourself so that you can have your career (if you still want it or need it) and raise your kids and do everything else. I also make sure that I have time for myself. I really do feel beautifully balanced right now. Ask me again in 6 months! It really is something that you have to work on week by week.

Super Moms are not immune to hectic and challenging days. What are some things you do/say/think about to get you through those tough days? 
Breathe. Flow. Patience. That is my mantra. When it gets too much, I focus on my breathing or meditate. Flow, I am mindful of not rushing through the day mindlessly from one task to another, and I attempt to flow through the day – it sounds so much better and helps a great deal when I look at it like that. Patience…. a whole lot of patience with myself, my kids and my husband. Myself – (there is no kiddie manual, I am doing the best that I can, and really am not super mom! – who came up with that title anyway?). My children – (they are babies looking at me for guidance and are discovering the world around them), my Husband (he is not me!).
Outstanding Mothers' Gathering (OMG!)…

What prompted you to create OMG? 
The desire for an authentic network of professional women that could relate to each other, with motherhood being the common bond. I felt like there was a dearth of organizations that cater to mothers for professional AND personal development (including topics that relate to children). For mothers that want to maintain and/or grow in their career as well as have a productive family life, it can be challenging, especially when they need a wider network to do so. As such, I thought it would be great to design an organization where we could come together for education for ourselves and our children, support, real networking and giving back to the community. I have an amazing team of women (as you will read) working with me, and am really excited about the future!

What are your top 3 wishes for OMG members?
1) To have a supportive network of working mothers around them;

2) To feel energized and inspired by our events, so that they reach out and tell another outstanding mother to join;

3) To have a vehicle where they can volunteer with their families. We recently cooked a meal for the residents at Alexandria house (a transitional home for homeless women and their children), and my 19 month old, 3 year old and husband all participated (as well as Jen, Sarah and their families!), it was a great family day, where we got to give back.

What is your vision for OMG? What will the organization look like in 5 years? A powerful network of professional working mothers, not only here in Los Angeles, but across the country and the world. A network of working mothers that will be inspired and supported by each other in making our families lives (and others) that much richer and fulfilling.


Do you have any advice for the amazing moms who are members of OMG?
Life as a working mother comes with its challenges, but when those challenging moments arise, it’s really important to remember that there are literally millions of women across the world that have not had the opportunity to experience motherhood, and would want to switch places with you in an instant. Being grateful even in tough times can be very empowering.


Outstanding Mothers' Gathering

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