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Come and experience networking like you’ve never experienced it before!

As professional mothers, we know that our time is limited. When it comes to networking, many of us haven’t got the

time to attend 3-4 events per week in the hopes of meeting a new business contact. At OMG

we accelerate networking. We are dedicated to structured networking and the concept of collaborative networking©

that WORKS! How many times have you gone to a networking event and have either left without any viable new

contacts or are around a group of individuals that aren’t really and truly networking? Our members are professional

women who are willing to open up our networks to help YOU move forward in your personal and professional life. We 

are dedicated at each of our events to you leaving with viable contacts if they are part of our network, with a warm 

referral from a fellow OMG member.

Our goal is to have our members connect with and to do business with another professional mother, because we 

understand each other and the demands that are placed on our lives. Many of us don’t have time make a deal on the

golf course during a four hour round, we have memos to write, children to feed, snacks to prepare and homework to 

do! Our philosophy is one of collaboration and all of our members make a commitment to help another outstanding 

mother with whatever she needs next. Whether it’s an introduction to a new business contact to present a new 

product, a mentor to help you to draft a business proposal to a particular industry, or simply someone to talk to about

the terrible 2’s phase of development or difficult teen situation, there is SOMEONE in our network that can help.


Outstanding Mothers' Gathering

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