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Self Resilience - The Keys to Thriving vs. Surviving Change

June 10, 2014 9:49 PM | Anonymous

The Crescent Hotel Beverly Hills, has always been one of my favorite boutique hotels in Los Angeles, so although I was a little disappointed with their recent lounge renovation, it didn't detract from what was an insightful, educational and somewhat emotional Intimate Conversation with Rachel Karu, Author of 'Stepping into More – Lessons from a recovering perfectionist'.  

Today's Intimate Conversation was about ‘thriving’ during change, instead of ‘surviving’.  As mothers, it seems as though we are constantly undergoing some sort of change.  Whether it be moving from one phase to another with our children's development, changes in our personal lives, or at work, it seems as though something is always going on.  During this workshop Rachel took us on the 'Journey through Change'.  It was akin to peeling the skin off of an onion, during which we were gently guided through some honest introspection, which revealed more and more layers, until we reached our core.  We discussed the emotional roller coaster of change, and discussed the definition of Self Resilience.  The most impactful part of the workshop for me, was the Self Resilience Indicator, which took us through a series of questions that determined our coping skills for change during difficult times. 

If any of you are interested in the Self Resilience Indicator questionnaire, here is a direct link for you to purchase it:

Self-Resilience Indicator Test (Click Here)

The time that we took to do the test was well worth it, and I would highly recommend that you do it whether you're going through change at the moment or not.  For me, it highlighted front and center a personal deficiency that I have in accepting and asking others for help when I need it.  The dialogue following, was so insightful as to the perception of that trait by others, that it sparked a series of events in my personal life that I would have handled much differently prior to this workshop, the direct results of which are really helping me through some current professional transitions.

Some key points from the conversation:

1) Resilience is less about who we are than about how we think. 

2) Our mindsets or 'mental models' directly influence how we view the world and how we view ourselves in the world.

3) How we view ourselves influences how we respond (our behaviors) to adversity and stress. 

4) Resilience is like a muscle that can be developed and exercised.

Check out one of Rachel's videos to learn more about her:

For more information about Rachel, you can go directly to her website and she can be contacted via email at 

Great work Rachel, I was inspired by your work, and we hope to have you back very soon for more workshops with OMG! 

Until next time...



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