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Let's Talk Fashion with Catherine Cassidy!

May 10, 2014 4:43 PM | Anonymous

Catherine Cassidy embodies the word 'fashionable' when she walks into a room.  We met for coffee at Starbucks early one morning, and her outfit was perfectly put together.  The colors were right for her skin tone, the style hip; yet simple. What then followed, was a great conversation about everything fashion.  I was definitely relieved to uncover that she wasn't all about buying designer items, and filling your wardrobe with the latest fads.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that she was so down to earth and practical in her fashion advice.  I knew after I left her that she would be the perfect guest for our Pre-Mother's day event at Giggles n Hugs in Century City, and she certainly was.  Our professional moms loved the advice that she had to share, and I think everyone appreciated that she was so down to earth!

The message was clear to our moms, that just because you have this 'title' that is sometimes interestingly associated with being 'frumpy’, that does not have to be our experience.  The conversation was open and honest, and many moms talked about the fact that they now have 'new bodies' that they’re contending with, and finding the right clothes and the time to find the right clothes can be challenging.  The conversation event covered everything, from when to shop, where to shop, and where to find the best deals! 

Here are our top 10 take aways:

1)  You have to want to be seen, so always wear clothes that you're confident enough to be seen in.  Know what you want to say with your presence.

2)  If you're always looking in the closet and thinking 'I've not nothing to wear', your closet probably isn't in alignment with who you are TODAY.  You have to constantly update and rotate out your clothes. Acknowledge that some pieces have had a good life with you, and pass them along to a new home! 

3) You can't build a wardrobe without a foundation.  Your foundation should include (but not limited to), a white blouse, black jacket, black pumps etc. (Catherine has a great blog piece about this on her site!)

4) (This was my favorite) When you buy an item, think about 10 different ways that you can wear it.  That way, you'll get the most out of it. 

5) Figure out who your 'Style Icon' is?  Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Obama.  Get inspiration from your fashion icon to help define what your style is. Perhaps create a Style Inspiration Board.

6) Always pay close attention to the colors that people compliment you on. 

7) Know that you're always evolving, and update your closet regularly.

8) Don't be afraid to spend a little more on certain items, think about the ROI 'Return on Wear'.  It could be that the item will be in your inventory for the next 5 years, and so that high price tag may in fact be worth it! 

9) Don't shop on impulse in sales or wait for when you actually 'need' something.  Wait to shop for when you can be more relaxed and make the right choices.   Last minute shopping trips are 'not healthy'.

10) Always try and put a little 'smile' in your wardrobe, either with a splash of color, or a statement piece. 

Thanks Catherine, you were great! Make sure that you check out Catherine's website and sign up for her newsletter 


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